A YouTube Program on the Osman Kavala Case


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August 18, 2022

A YouTube Program on the Osman Kavala Case

Photo: still from video

At the Human Rights School, we make programs with the support of the Freidrich Ebert Foundation Turkey that deal with human rights issues in Turkey. We have had the opportunity to broadcast the last two of these programs with English subtitles and would like to share them with the international community.

Contrary to the decision of the ECtHR, Osman Kavala has still been in prison for more than four years, and unfortunately, his continued imprisonment has become a symbol of injustice in Turkey. We discussed the decision of the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR in the Osman Kavala case in July with two leading Turkish human rights lawyers, Başak Çalı and Kerem Altıparmak, and discussed all stages of the case in detail. Please see the video here.

“Why?” is a program of the Human Rights School in which we try to answer “why” certain movements and issues are important in the struggle for rights by connecting personal experiences with Turkey’s historical experiences. In the last program, we discussed the issue of enforced disappearances in Turkey with a person who has dedicated her life to this struggle for a long time. While Sebla Arcan presented the story of the Saturday Mothers, the recent political and legal pressure on them, and the reasons why Galatasaray Square is a significant memory site in Turkey with a clear and profound narrative, she also drew a portrait of Turkey’s human rights policies in the background. Please see the video here.